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1988 G50 Porsche Carrera Convertible

1988 G50 Porsche Carrera Convertible

The Porsche 911 Carrera 1988 G50 Convertible, often referred to simply as the 911 Carrera G50 or 911 G50, was a special variant of the classic 911 Carrera model. Here are some key details about this vehicle:


Majestic Green is the name of the Paint but it shows  Gray which makes this color of paint rare also. 

This car has only 58000 original miles, kept in garage through the winters and only driven on dry days in summers. Detailed and wax twice a year, no accidents.


Performance: The "G50" designation denotes that it came with the optional G50 performance package. This package upgraded the engine to produce more power, enhancing the car's performance significantly.


Engine: The G50 package increased the output of the air-cooled, flat-six engine. While the standard Carrera of that era produced around 217 horsepower, the G50 package boosted it up to around 330 horsepower, making it a potent performer for its time.


Transmission: The Carrera G50 is a 5 Speed, Manual Transmission, offering drivers full control over gear changes and enhancing the driving experience.


Design: Visually, the 1988 Carrera G50 looked similar to other models of the 911 Carrera from that era. It retained the iconic Porsche 911 design cues, including the classic silhouette, round headlights, and sloping rear end. This is the first year they made the top Electric!


Collectibility: Due to its combination of performance enhancements and limited production numbers, the 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera G50 is sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Its status as a classic Porsche and its association with the legendary 911 lineage contribute to its collectibility.


Legacy: The 1988 Carrera G50 is part of the long and storied history of the Porsche 911, a model that has been in production since the 1960s and has evolved over the decades while maintaining its distinctive character and driving experience.

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