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Updated: Jul 20, 2023




The term "Old Master" refers to the talented European artists who painted before the 1800s. Among the more well-known Old Master painters in this group were Leonardo Da Vinci, (the Mona Lisa), Michelangelo, (the Sistine Chapel), Rembrandt, and Rubins. Many of these Old Master artists created religious works, portraits, and historical themes.

Gerard Seghers's painting of The Risen Christ is painted on copper using oil and color glazes and has been revarnished. The scene shows soldiers being awakened within the tomb with Christ's back to the sun. The sarcophagus seal is where Gerard Seghers initials can be found. We have extensive documentation authenticating the painting. A Repentant Mary Magdalene, a painting by Seghers, sold in 2021 for almost $750,000. Please give Bill Union a call at 508-259-4694 for more information and pricing

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