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June Brides

Barclay was well-known for his advertising efforts and explanations for many magazine covers. He created artwork for magazines such as Colliers, Ladies Home Journal, and Cosmopolitan. This was most likely a painting for a magazine cover announcing his ad campaign for the Gibson Girls.

This painting by McClellan Barclay is considered an illustration. The painting was probably for a magazine cover featuring a young woman from the "Gibson Girl" fame.

Mr. Dennis Malone Carter created a classic Victorian-era painting of a bride. Carter was a mostly self-taught portrait painter. The remarkable quality of Carter's painting of the young lady's portrait and the intricacy of her outfit makes this painting extremely coveted.

McClelland Barclay's illustration of a bride is most likely from the 1920s or early 1930s

Dennis Malone Carter was the Artist of this Victorian-Era bridal painting. The painting is beautifully framed.

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