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Updated: Apr 22

What is Collector's Corner?

Here Art & Antique Gallery will bring you the Important paintings that will grow your investment and collection. If you have a wish list, please let us know by email: WMUNIONAAG@GMAIL.COM or call Bill at 508-259-4694


Emile Gruppe was the son of landscape artist Charles Gruppe, born in 1896 in Rochester, New York. He had a solid art background. His work brings $30,000.00, and he is an essential Rockport painter. He also paints Scenic Florida, which is very desirable to collectors. This is an excellent chance to add aesthetically and financially to your collection.

In addition to being raised by an artistic father, Emile Gruppe was educated in art at The Hague in the Netherlands and in New York City at the National Academy of Design and The Arts Students League. He also received instruction from artists George Bridgeman, Charles Chapman, Richard Miller, and John Carlson, with whom he later founded the Gruppe Summer in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in 1942. Emile Gruppe made his permanent studio in Gloucester. He was one of the best-known New England artists. This is a lovely example of Emile Gruppe's work.

Emile Gruppe's Florida paintings were auctioned recently (January, March 2023) from $17,400 to $30,000+ for similar size work. Art & Antique Gallery is offering this beautiful painting for under $10,000. Please give Bill Union a call at 508-259-4694 or email him at Be the first to take advantage of our COLLECTOR'S CORNER.

Brimfield is right around the corner, and we will be exhibiting at Hertans booths 59 and 59A. Our field will open on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, at noon, and we will be there until Friday, May 12. We will have many exciting new things for you to see at the show, so join us.

Please check out our website at or call Bill Union at 508-259-4694

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